History of Brand

  • Exist: The Brand

Finding a greater potential and a promising market for men’s wear, the Buksh Family in 2004 decided to launch an in-house project by the name of “EXIST” with a wide range of product lines aimed at young professionals.

Exist is a dynamic lifestyle brand which thrives to make life more simple by offering a complete range of clothing from lounge-wear to high-end suits; and amusing by adding a wide range of lively colors to them as well. EXIST also provides a very fashionable range of accessories that comprises of shoes and sunglasses; and a couture service with expertise in formal shirts & trousers, and formal suits.

The brand itself is outstandingly defined by the following three pillars:

  • Trendy
  • Quality
  • Customer Gratitude

Our brand pillars of fashion excitement, Quality and customer gratitude are at the heart of everything we do. We deliver irresistible fashion at local prices which means more fashion excitement for our customers - more of those 'Wow! Look what I've just found'; ‘O! This is SOOO ME!’ moments. With over 9 outlets in Pakistan, and more in the pipe-line; Exist has quickly gained respect & recognition and has become a brand of choice for many youngsters and professionals.

  1. USP – The Unique Selling Point of our brand is its unique style and use of vibrant colors in such a way that it totally stands out yet is very chic
  2. Quality – There is no compromise on quality when it comes to EXIST. Our quality selection team carefully chooses the best quality fabrics from the market to make sure that the garment lasts long and the colors do not wear off at all, making sure at all times that our customers are pleased with our products and keep coming back for more.


  • Men – EXIST started with the men’ ready-to-wear clothes, and is well known for its labels which have extended into five over the last seven years, and will keep on adding more of them to its amazingly astounding line of labels in years to come.


  • Labels & Accessories
    1. E - E is our casual label, for the young, trendy, fun, energetic. Full of style, each item of the label is designed with passion, keeping in mind specific needs of our youth and its fashion culture. It includes a wide range of denim, polos, sweatshirts, t-shirts.
    2. Lion - LION is the smart casual label made explicitly for that rugged look that makes a positively strong statement wherever you might go. LION is kool, hot,

Outgoing, fashionable, and happening. The label is the new addition to the family tree and has denim as its main focus.

  • White – White label is also for the trendy, fun loving, down to Earth man, who is not only brand conscious but also is cost concerned. He is someone who pays great attention to the details. The label includes, Formal Shirts and Trousers.
  1. Black - Black is the label created for the confident, upward mobile professional, who looks for that seductiveness and irresistibility, a man who in all ways is a perfectionist. The label includes, Formal Shirts and Trousers, Suits, & Sweaters.
  2. Luxury - Luxury is the high-end label whose name says it all. It’s classy, admirable, exhilarating; designed with originality and ingenuity, distinctively for our royal customers. It is for the charming genius, who has achieved all that he ever dreamt of. The label includes, Formal Shirts and Trousers, & Suits.


  1. Shoes & Accessories
  1. Shoes – Our Shoes basically have two main categories casual which have the very hip and in style sneakers and the formal shoes
  2. Accessories – Without the right accessory, no matter how hard one tries, his looks is just not complete. Our wide range of belts, ties, waist coats, very high-end cufflinks and sunglasses are designed and made just to serve that purpose


  • Women – EXIST after years of success in the men’s ready-to-wear clothes, decided to go into women’s line as well. In the spring/Summer of 2012 EXIST finally launched its Women’s Line. It consists of casual, semi-casual and formal lines.