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Exit’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), understood to be its commitment to society and the environment as part of its business activities, is an inseparable part of its business model as well as that of the Buksh Group

Exist and Buksh Group’s commitment to society takes the form of sponsorship, patronage and social activities, which are conducted by the organization itself or through collaborative ventures with social organizations.

Exist  is committed to offering all its customers a high standard of excellence, quality, health and safety in its products, and communicating this in a clear and transparent manner. Its products are made ethically and responsibly.

The manufacturers of the products sold by Exist, are required to comply with the BukshGroup Manufacturers and Suppliers’ Code of Conduct, which establishes the minimum standards of ethical and responsible behavior that should be observed by the manufacturers and suppliers of products sold by us in business activity.

EXIST protects its customers by defining and implementing required behavior standards for all the with regard to health (Clear To Wear) and product safety(Safe To Wear), thereby guaranteeing that all articles sold offer no risks for health and/or safe usage.