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About us

EXIST was founded in 2004 under the umbrella of Buksh Group as the most seasoned & supreme menswear brand of Pakistan.
EXIST is the leading Men’s fashion and life style brand that offers a versatile range of products and accessories in men’s wear. Our story started with a dream, following the heritage with a contemporary feel, blending the old classics with a mix of new materials and always staying true to our roots.
The brand was originally aimed at men's fashion. Over a long time, EXIST kept developing and propelling items as per the contemporary men’s fashion need.

Our Line up
The initial product line was formal shirts, suits, jackets, ties, belts, trousers & cufflinks is now moving into the logical product extensions evening wear, smart casual, casual wear and eventually women’s western wear and then women’s eastern wear by the end of 2020.
We at EXIST have something for all sophisticated men. We aim to provide classic collection exclusively for every season.

our suit collection is with premium fabrics and modern designed in Italian Style. They are designed to instantly upraise the wearer.
For both day and evening wear, every outfit is prepared with maximum comfort and modern style.
Venerable, modern, classy, the array spotlights a range of premium fabrics, immaculately designed and seamed in Italian style.

Made to Measure
We are the leading made-to-measure selling platform for personalized, custom men’s suits, Jackets, Shirts, Sherwani and all what you need. We produce jackets that suit your personal finesse. At EXIST, we intend the high class tailor-made traditional menswear and offer the smart gentlemen with deluxe quality menswear that fits your measure
we makes it the way you want and within the budget that suits you. At EXIST we aim to bring you your dream outfit to convert your occasions into exclusive and remarkable experiences.

Exist Luxury
for the more demanding the EXIST Luxury line is positioned for the niche market. The couture line caters to the need of the premium segment; use of materials and craftsmanship for this line is aligned with the customer’s lifestyle needs and the brands strict quality guidelines.

Overall exclusive quality of materials and combination of textures and cuts are the foundations of the world created by the EXIST. All of its collections have an understated sense of chic and excellent craftsmanship are the common threads that bind all the lines together. EXIST is Based on a concept of its own creation. Our customer is loyal to our label and is proud of its values and what we stand for.

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